0106 – Authority Building As A Freelancer w/Jane Portman

Jane and Chris talk about building authority as a freelancer in order to generate work, how to enjoy marketing activities, and productized consulting.

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Jane can be found on Twitter, and on the web at uibreakfast.com and tinyreminder.com.


Mastering Ad Presentation
– too broad
– not focused on any certain audience or use case
– didn’t make any money
– it opened doors, just being known as an author

I think we are under-appreciating referrals
– but it’s not THAT magical

Be brave enough to charge higher fees

Wrote a book to build authority
– the most indirect connection
– could send book to clients
– building relationships

Patrick McKenzie – how I became a $500k consultant
– need to bring business value

– big investment

Dennis Field helped make a deal w InVision
– not much money, but tons of credibility

The same skills a software founder uses are similar to the skills a freelancer uses

Productized consulting
– inspired by Nick DiSabato
– reverse-engineered his sales page
– capturing a trend
– started a monthly consulting

– easy to get burnt out
– organizational overhead

Brennan Dunn

Productivity & burnout
– waking up early (IF you can)
– productivity comes in waves
– know your working style
– juggle your obligations in a way that fits your style
* I don’t say I’m shipping on a certain date
* don’t beat yourself up or get stressed out
– productized services; quote a week or two

Leveling up is a complex of different things
– 20% consulting & 80% promoting

The opportunity to turn down work is powerful!

It helps to enjoy the marketing activities
– I like writing articles
– I like podcasting
– I like writing emails

Time & repetition make you better, both technically and as a human being

Ask for help early!

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