0107 – Effective Real-World Marketing w/John Locke

John & Chris talk about why real-world marketing requires 50% of your time to market a freelancing practice, recurring retainers, and how to be in all the places your client might expect to see you.

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You can follow John on Twitter, find him running his consultancy Lockedown Design, and listen to him as one-half of the podcasting team at the WP-Tonic podcast.


  • Recurring retainers – use it or lose it, like insurance
  • Upsell from prior engagement
  • Value-based pricing
  • Dictate into Siri to make article writing easier
  • Real-world marketing means writing a LOT of content before any of it catches on
  • Use the Skyscraper technique
  • real-world marketing requires a 50/50 split of your time – be the rainmaker
  • When leads come to you, you have leverage
  • Be seen in as many places as your targeted audience is
  • Meet your local chamber leadership, get in good with them
  • Don’t necessarily pitch at chamber events; just get to know people
  • People do business with people (they like)

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