0116 – Code When The Baby Sleeps w/Ryan Battles

Ryan and Chris discuss freelancing with kids, specialty positioning, and how to cultivate the habit of writing to market yourself.

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You can find Ryan on Twitter, or online as the founder of Harpoon, financial planning, time-tracking, billing, and budgeting platform for creative studios.


On freelancing with kids – Code when the baby sleeps

Get frequent referrals from peers

Moved from “small business” positioning to Expression Engine specialist

Ran some Google AdWords

Got great results – booked 3 months out

Benefitted from lack of competition

DirectorEE of EE developers

Began to have to evaluate job offer vs freelance issues; always decided to stay freelance

2 years in, became more proactive about goal-setting

Built Harpoon as a planning tool for freelancers

Had to learn how to market articles better to amplify the reach of these posts

Focus on the habit, not the result – write consistently

Don’t focus too hard on one article for marketing yourself

From freelancing with kids to a “scratch your own itch” product to full-time product

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