0118 – Positioning and Professional Value w/Philip Morgan

Philip and Chris talk about professional quality-of-life, how to understand your value to the client, and when positioning your freelancing business makes sense.

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You can find Philip on Twitter, and online at Philip Morgan Consulting. You can also take his free Positioning Crash Course to help with positioning your freelancing business.


Things that got us here won’t get us there

Quality of life issues become more important

Being able to relate to what other people want

Know how value is created and realized

Understand how your work creates value

Be competent in your craft, but focus on how that craft benefits the client

Expect your perspective on craft, value, marketing and business to change over time

Asking a lot of questions to determine how a project impacts the org as a whole

Don’t start positioning your freelancing business too soon!

* At least 1 year
* Take some time to figure things out
* Or if you have a lot of experience

If things are going well as a generalist, roll w it, maybe you don’t need it

Positioning your freelancing business requires specificity:

* Can you be the 800-pound gorilla? (category leader)
* 3 to 5 years to establish leadership
* Focus on a problem domain, not a platform
* Need to be GOOD to do this
* Have to find clients
* Combine w vertical focus on a market
* Do it if you’re struggling w a rate ceiling
* Do it if you’re struggling w/leads or marketing

Positioning carries an SEO benefit as a byproduct

If starting out, use positioning your freelancing business as a traction technique

* get more leads quickly
* generate a pipeline more quickly

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