0121 – How To Attract High-Value Clients w/Laura Elizabeth

Laura and Chris talk about how to attract high-value clients, how to keep on marketing while you’re doing the work, and how to use authority-building for lead generation.

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You can find Laura on Twitter, at her consulting site, or take her free Client Experience Course. You can also check out her project-management tool, Client Portal.


1 project per month
Raise rates
Disqualify smaller projects

Stock email for qualifying clients:

* 90% disqualification rate
* Helps free time from calls

Bigger-budget clients are much better:

* More pleasant
* More willing to take advice
* Less likely to dictate

Lead-gen (how to attract high-value clients):

* Putting myself out there
* Authority-building
* Lots of speaking
* Guest-posting
* No strategy, writing random things
* Started out writing for myself
* SitePoint republished; that led to a conference
* Still trying to hone a focus
* Low-value clients come in via Google
* Trying to compare
* Better clients are referrals & networking

Not looking to become an agency:

* Gives lots of freedom with regard to turning down work
*Learning how to attract high-value clients gives you options

Building relationships via dialogue

Competitive bidding indicates an undesirable client:

* Process isn’t honest

Spec work

* Nospec.com
* Disqualify that kind of lead these days
* Participated once, resented it
* Some prospects demand time right away

Suggestion: do more guest posting than posting for yourself:

* If you write something good, submit it instead of posting it
* Still yours, just not on your blog
* This is hard mentally
* As you gain more popularity, shift the mix toward your own site
* Credibility is how to attract high-value clients

Devs need to learn about design:

* Design IQ

The role of luck:

* Requires being proactive
* Requires making a decision about what you want
* Requires extra work

Marketing and working at the same time:

* Allocate a little bit of time each week
* It’s hard to do
* Marie Poulin says, when scheduling your work week; double the time for each task
* Use the slack time for marketing
* Marketing consistency is part of how to attract high-value clients

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