0122 – Conversion Copy For Freelancers w/Graeme McLaughlin

Graeme and Chris discuss traffic, how to make the client care about what you’re selling, and how to develop conversion copy for closing freelance clients.

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Began w traffic acquisition
Dabbled in design
Enjoyed delivering the end business result
Taking a solid offering & tuning it up is enjoyable

Started in SEO & PPC
Wanted to make sure users take the right action when they arrive

Inquiral – Colona, BC
– lots of B2B and buyer research
– wrote the Buysphere
– eye tracking on search results (golden triangle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Triangle_(Internet_Marketing))

Believes in delivering on user intent
– match the intent with the page they land on
– the right action for THEM, not the business owner
– multiple micro-conversions before the big conversion happens
– the customer’s story comes from their numbers

Right now, word of mouth
– networking is the most direct route to client acquisition
– if they’re not a prospect, they know a prospect

High volume, low-quality content marketing is useless

Freelancing seems like a passive label – more consulting today

Network exploitation

Expanding network via clear positioning
– expand personal network
– outreach (podcasts)
– conference (Unbounce conference)
– be visible, be a good resource
– have lots of conversations

Bitten by the recurring revenue bug
– Golden age of Saas
– productized consulting
– on the CRO side orgs don’t know where to start
– instead of selling a big 12-month program, sell the research first
– some orgs don’t want another person in their code
– sell the research & let them DIY

I want to be small by design
– I’d rather be boutique and raise rates then grow by adding customer

“I’ll be the bumper lanes as you do your first round of testing.”

Conversion for freelancers
– segment audience, position against target segments
– segmenting too narrow from an SEO perspective isn’t a concern
– top of funnel keywords vs resource keywords
– not the same volume, but higher-quality, more appropriate traffic
– the biggest driver is the copy you use
– adjust words, adjust the flow
– it’s hard to explain what you do to someone outside your business
– dictate your copy, don’t write it – explain the problem and how you solve it
– talking through it is often a better starting point than writing it
– check your IA; the info may be there but not in the right order

1) what do you do
2) why should they care
3) what to do next

– cognitive burden – be careful of those clever headlines that don’t say anything
– don’t be nervous about niching down too soon
– 1 landing page per segment of your niche
– optimizing for conversion rate is the worst thing you can do
– optimize for *outcomes*
– lead-gen percentages may go down, but qualified leads, contracts & profits can go up

Solve specific problems, not general ones

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