0109 – Beginner Marketing Wins/Matt Inglot

Matt and Chris talk about beginner marketing wins for new freelancers, why content marketing is NOT a beginner move, how to make sure you’re connecting with decision-makers, and getting repeat work

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Content marketing is not for beginners!

Non-scalable activities that offer feedback are for beginners. These are beginner marketing wins.

Getting started vs scaling:

  • Content marketing = scaling move
  • Not much feedback; if an ad doesn’t work, I don’t know how far off I am

Starter activities should optimize for feedback:

  • 1 on 1 talk
  • Start with your own network
  • Pitch intros as a research project, not as a sales pitch
  • Nobody wants to subject their friends to a sales pitch
  • Have those convos to determine if the problem you want to solve is a real problem
  • Events, cold outreach

The keep your network growing prescription:

  • Chamber meetings
  • good for small biz
  • Not many enterprise-level decision makers
  • Meetups
  • Local events
  • User groups
  • Conferences specific to the industry you’re targeting

Must have people skills in order to break in to the conversation.

Get to the decision-maker.

Don’t expect a sale right away:

  • Pivot; can you get contact info? Can you send them email?

Once you have clients from your network, how do you sustain a practice

You have to be selling something that CAN be a recurring/repeat sale:

  • Look at your pricing & profitablity
  • Look at the kind of sale you’re making
  • Repeat vs one-off work
  • Can you climb the value ladder (ex. go from logo > branding > brand strategy)?

Strategy calls:

  • Check in w clients once per quarter
  • Act like the expert you are
  • Have a regular dialogue w clients
  • How can I support you & create value?
  • You CANNOT wait for the client to call
  • Get each client on a call once x quarter
  • Evaluate goals & results
  • http://freelancetransformation.com/strategy-calls

Beginner marketing wins are usually non-scalable activities.